Email Security Gateways – Your First Line of Defense Against Cyber-Threats

What are Email Security Gateways?
By stopping email-based threats before they reach a mail server, whether it is on-premises or on Office 365/G-Suite, Secure Email Gateways offer predelivery security. They defend enterprises against denial-of-service assaults, spam, viruses, and malware. The email gateway looks for indications of dangerous or hazardous information in all incoming, outgoing, and internal email messages, including attachments and URLs.

Why Are Secure Email Gateways Important?
Hackers use attacks like phishing to gain their hands on your company’s important email data, which is their main objective. Email assaults are getting increasingly sophisticated and targeted since email is a weak point in business networks. Businesses across all industries are dealing with an expanding spectrum of targeted threats, such as phishing schemes, ransomware, and malicious files.

How Do Secure Email Gateways Work?
A group of several technologies known as Secure Email Gateways combine to stop email threats. They serve as an email firewall, imposing a set of guidelines on which emails can enter or exit your email network. All of the solutions in this category filter email traffic using a cloud platform and are cloud-based. Deployment and management are made simpler by using a cloud-based architecture because no hardware needs to be installed or maintained.

What are Email Security Gateway Key Features?

Spam Filtering: A Secure Email Gateway’s primary function is spam screening. Filtering technologies are used by all SEGs to prohibit email from known spam email domains. They also use algorithms to detect patterns that commonly show up in spam emails, such as keywords and malicious links, which help block new spam emails from entering email inboxes.

Virus and Malware Protection: Secure Email Gateways prevent malware and viruses from infecting company networks. This works because the SEG uses anti-virus technology to filter email, identifying and then quarantining emails that include harmful URLs and attachments.

Phishing Protection: Email gateways offer some degree of phishing attack defence for enterprises. They can recognise and stop sender spoofing using anti-fraud technology, and they can identify and stop phishing assaults using domain name validation.

Admin Controls and Reporting:  SEGs allow administrators access to every email policy and quarantine. They provide administrators with a single admin panel that allows them to control security throughout the whole email network.

Is Your Email Gateway as Secure as You Think?
Expert Insights advises using a Secure Email Gateway for companies of all sizes and across all sectors. There are several different Email Gateway providers, which cater to businesses with thousands of users and small teams alike. The most important level of defence against malicious messages and attachments is provided by gateways. No of the size of your company, attackers are primarily interested in your email communications. The protection required to safeguard your company’s data is provided through a secure email gateway.